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December 2016

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  • Middle School Honors Band

Good morning everyone,

Attached you will find documents outlining a proposal for restructuring our annual MSBOA membership fees. This was presented at the State Fall meeting.

The first thing you need to know is that this is a “WORK IN PROGRESS”. It was an initial proposal to start the conversation. And boy, was there conversation!

A major concern for a lot of us in D1 will be the new Small School Incentive which will now be limited to schools in which the class sizes average 50 or less, regardless of your administrative profile. Unless your school falls into those class size numbers, you will be charged the full price.

Using Pine River as an example: currently I qualify as a joint member, paying $550 for annual membership. Under this proposal, having 4 grades in the high school and 2 in the middle school, and assuming I send in payment early to get the “Early Bird Discount”, my fees will be $780 – an increase of $230. Yikes!

So a lot of the discussion and push back at the meeting involved schools in this specific situation – which I know is a lot of us.

Again, I would like to emphasize that this is a ‘work in progress’ and I believe that the State Office heard loud and clear that there needed to be revision and reconsideration. They have asked us to share the original presentation with members for feedback and suggestions as they begin this process.

So, when you get a few minutes, take a good look at the info and see how that impacts you and your program. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, suggestions with me and I will compile them all into one big District One packet to forward onto the State and bring to the table at the Winter meeting. Speaking of which, it may be a good idea to make your plans to attend the Winter Meeting as I’m sure this will be a topic of conversation!!Aq2J1CdLfGOi31TiuicGUytT8dQS!Aq2J1CdLfGOi31Xoh9n13EbsQxh_


The Honors band date is fast approaching, and I hope we have all the music settled for the bands. There was an additional piece added.  This will not be played.  It was a great suggested piece, but there is already seven pieces.  You may make this available for the student if you wish.

Be sure you email  with your plans for the day.  I have two directors reply and the food had to be ordered three days ago.  Rain is forecast for Tuesday, so we should be good.  A light breakfast will be available for the musicians from 8:00 – 8:50, lunch is at 11:20, and dinner will be at 5:00 pm with a catered meal for the directors.  Concert is at 7:00 pm.  Public is invited!

Curt Isakson

231-282-0389 cell

Due to the amount of music literature changed for the John Martin band, I would suggest that each director give EVERY part to their percussionist involved.

Due to the short turn around, I am certain I’ve made some mistakes…..having EVERY part available from EVERY student will help to expedite any “fixing” needed.

Attached is the latest (as of right now) percussion assignment grid..





With the help of concerned directors about the level of music for the Martin band, the music has changed.  Please distribute the new music to the students from the Martin Band.  The music is at the msboa1 site under Middle School Honors Band.  Password is martinmalt2016

Air & Allegro    Emondson
Medallion Overture    Himes
Colorado Trail   LaPlante
Smithonian Suite    Balmages
Bells, Bells, Bells,  from original list
St Petersburg March        “
At Twilight                         “
I thank you all for understanding and your help in solving this important issue! (and the extra work for the students)
Curt Isakson


Congratulations to all the young musicians who have earned a Division One solo rating at the Cadillac MS S&E in November!  All the student nominations have been sent in, and we have two complete bands rehearsing and performing on Tuesday, December 6th.  The day begins at 9:00 am in the morning with a concert at 7:00 pm in the evening.

Cost is $15 and includes all meals (light breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and is due in the morning.  If there are special dietary needs, please let me know or have them bring their own food.  All students should wear regular clothing for the day and bring their concert wear for the evening performance.

The directors this year are Dr. John Martin from Grand Valley State Universities Athletic Bands, and Professor Ted Malt from West Shore Community College.

A list of the musicians and the music for each band is at the website under Middle School Honors Band on the front page.  The password is martinmalt2016

Any questions or concerns, please email Curt Isakson at Shelby at

All directors staying the day should email Curt so we can include you in all the meal counts.

Curt Isakson
Stephanie Purvis

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