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December 2017

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  • MS Honors Band

Stephanie Purvis

Hi teachers,

After some discussion, we have decided that in order to balance instrumentation we need a few more trumpets for MS honor band.  There’s a first time for everything…

We’d like to take trumpets that either played in an ensemble that received a 1 OR 8th graders who may have received a 1 on a Spring S/E solo OR performed a Nov. 11 solo that you think deserved a 1 but got a 2.  I will leave this to your professional discretion as to their ability.  We need 6 more on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please email me name, school and reason to use them by Tuesday, end of school.

Send to or text me at 231-288-4313

Thank you

Still need to find Julie Gireaux – Let Your Spirit Sing  or another suitable substitute for the Julie Mathew’s band.

We have received names and numbers of participants from the following schools so let me know if you don’t see your school here or the correct # of kids:

Hesperia – 10

Mason County Central – 3

Reed City – 9

Lake City – 2

McBain – 4

Shelby – 6

Ludington – 13

Big Rapids Crossroads – 4

Manistee – 10

Brethren – 4

Bear Lake – 1

Pine River – 3

Big Rapids – 22

White Cloud – 8

Mesick – 5

Cadillac MS – 12

Chippewa Hills – 12

Morley Stanwood – 7

Pentwater – 6

McBain – 9

Evart – 8

Hi District 1,

I hope someone had these pieces of music for MS Honor Band.  If you do could you please scan and email them and let me know?  Thanks.


Swashbuckler’s March by Mark Williams

Let Your Spirit Sing by Julie Giroux


African Festival by Quincy Hilliard  (scanned and emailed today)

To the Pied Piper by Himes  (hard copies mailed from Baldwin to Shelby)

At the Feast of Stephen by Scott Watson    (we had this a few years ago with Les Knott, do we still have the file?)

I’m working on your lists of MS honor band kids.  I don’t know if I’ll have it done this week, but sometime before this weekend is over, definitely.   I’ll email it out when done.

Any more changes?  Let me know.  Do you have any kids that play other instruments and would double if needed, to help instrumentation?  i.e. Alto sax to Tenor or Bari?  You know your kids and what they can handle…..

BTW  You missed an awesome weekend of inspiration, education, camaraderie and recharge at the Director Development Days in Dearborn.  There is something to be gained from attending, no matter how many years you have been teaching.  Next year….think about it.


Stephanie Purvis,


(231) 288-4313


I wanted to ask this tonight but we were all tired.

My superintendent wants me to find out how other schools choose their music stores to provide rental instruments and have instrument fittings for students.  After a Muskegon area school was sued, he is worried that we aren’t giving that new store a chance. I said my students are free to rent from wherever they choose and that is in writing but I recommend _____.  I have those brochures because my husband works near their store and we can have what I need by the end of the day without waiting a week and that this company has been very consistent in their service over the years.

There is a disgruntled person in our community who had work done on donated instruments for us by a friend in said store.  Since this was done by the store at their cost, this person wants to know why I wasn’t using this store and am now opening the district to a law suit.  The superintendent told me I needed to ask around and possibly get proposals from each store in order to decide who I should use.  My answer was that the store I currently use will also occasionally do work at cost and give us great deals on new and used instruments.  Also, I can’t, in good conscience, encourage students to use cheap disposable instruments no matter what it saves parents in the short term because that doesn’t benefit anyone but the store and landfills.  My goal as an educator is to give my students the best value and to encourage life-long learning that cannot be done on a frustrating ISO (instrument shaped object) that will break, no matter what the color.  After looking on the store website I found cheaper prices but it didn’t mention brands.

Does anyone have experience with anything like this or with other companies that they would care to share confidentially via phone, not written?


Stephanie Purvis