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February 2018

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  • MS/HS District B&O Week 1


We are honored to be hosting one of the District One’s MSBOA Band & Orchestral performance days here in Shelby. We appreciate you choosing Shelby, and we will work hard in delivering an easy, smooth, and successful Festival performance and sight-reading experience for your bands.

We ask you to unload your busses at the Athletic Events Entrance on the south side of the building. You will then use the gym which will act as your coatroom for the day. Warm-up will be in the high school library, performance in the auditorium, and sight-reading in the band room.   I have attached a map of the building. There will be no guides, but I will have student/parent volunteers in all the rooms. If you have equipment to drop off for the performance, please use the Main Entrance door on the east side of the building. We will be staging any percussion down the ‘glass hall’ back entrance to the stage area.

All students should be dressed for performance – there will be no dressing rooms available. Also, please ask your students to leave their valuables either on the bus or at home. School policy is no cell phones, and I ask that please have your students shut them off, leave them on the bus, or store them with their coats/instrument cases. Also, please remember school is in session, and I ask that you let the students know the academic sections of the school are off limits.

In the auditorium, we will have all of our high school band’s main percussion available and we will also have another set of the main percussion in the sight-reading room. This includes bass drum, chimes, marimba, timpani, bells, etc. We have very good quality percussion, but feel free to bring anything you’d like. We will make all our cymbals available but please bring all small items, snares, and mallets with you. Questions? Call me at 231-282-0389

School will be in session, so please be aware that if you’re spending time between bands, I will have your musicians stay in the cafeteria area. This will somewhat a problem during two half-hour lunch periods at 11:30 and 12:30, but we can make it work!

We will have a ‘healthy food’ concession stand open all day in the cafeteria for you and your students. If you are working here, we will have a lunch for you at 11:20 for directors and judges.

Hopefully, I have covered everything. Any questions, please replay to this email or call me!

Ps. I have posted the schedule, percussion sight-reading needs, and a map link at

Curt Isakson
Director of Bands
Shelby, Michigan

2018 District 1 Band & Orchestra FestivalShelby_Program

Shelby High School
641 North State Street
Shelby, MI  49455

Dear Colleagues,

I will be printing the programs this weekend, so please make sure your program (march/string piece, required, selected) is how you would like it to appear by end of day Friday (tomorrow).

Thank you!


Dear Colleagues,

Attached please find the 2018 District Festival Work Assignments PDF.  First, a BIG THANK-YOU to Jenelle Buehner, Mike Klepp, and Andrea Mack for volunteering for full-day work assignments to fill the schedule, and also to John Taranko for working an extended shift at Big Rapids to cover a hole, and of course to Curt Isakson, Brian Balch, and Heather Wiggins for the duties you perform throughout your day(s) of hosting – thank you all so much for your service to District 1!

If you need to swap your work assignment with someone else, that’s fine – but everyone must complete a work assignment.  I only ask that you keep me informed if any of you do need to make any switches.

Something we must consider if we, as a cost-savings to our district, decide to do our own concert recordings in the future: I believe that everyone will need to work a full-day assignment to fill the schedule if we add that responsibility.  My two cents, and we should decide at the Spring meeting how we’d like to move forward with the recording suggestion.

Thank you, and once again, Best Wishes in your last couple of weeks of preparation!

Albie Todd

2018 District Work Assignments

Debe’s post is right on the mark. This is wrong for a multitude of reasons besides fairness… it’s unethical for the judge, too. Steer clear of having a contracted adjudicator clinic your groups. Save it for State or another time.

Brian Balch

This is a difficult subject to approach ~ however, I feel the need to address an issue.

All D1 members should be aware of the panel of B & O adjudicators for our festivals.

Concerns have been brought to my attention that involve D1 member schools using members from our current panel to come and clinic.

PLEASE make honest considerations when asking a contracted panel member to come to your school to clinic your band(s). This has been an issue in the past ~ we attempted to address it at a meeting….it simply is NOT fair to the rest of the D1 membership when we have adjudicators that have been actively involved with ensembles they are going to adjudicate.

If I am out of line……..shoot me!