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December 2017

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  • MS Honors Band

Good Evening,

Some directors indicated that the PDFs of “Swashbucklers March” and “To the Feast of Stephen” were not printing off clearly and were hard to read. The parts have been re-scanned (thank you Debe) at a higher resolution and uploaded to the MS Honors Band site. Hopefully, the parts will print off clearer for everyone.

Also, some of you indicated that you were having trouble printing off, or were receiving an error of some kind when trying to print “To the Pied Piper.” I have re-saved and re-uploaded the file and am hoping you will now be able to print it off. I believe the file may not have uploaded to the site properly.

If you have any further issues, please contact me:

Happy Music Making,


Heather mentioned a percussion honors group separate from the honors band itself.  I think this is a great solution to keep every candidate in the group.


I’ll still field candidates for oboe.


I think we can afford more clarinets and horns, too, but I won’t open this up until I get some more input.




Please give me your input at on the following issues for the HS Honors Band.  I still hope to have a finalized roster by Monday, so please respond by Friday Dec. 1st.


Preface – I realize these are the choices we as professionals made and we want to minimize any amount of “tinkering.”


However, I feel there are some problems that could be fixed much like the MS Honors Band situation.  It’s not a perfect system…


Flute – 16

Oboe – 0

Bssn – 2

Cl – 12

Bs Cl – 3

CbCl – 1

Asx – 12

Tsx – 2

Bsx – 2

Tpt – 18

Hn – 4

Tbn – 7

Eu – 5

Tu -6

Perc – 16


The two glaring issues I see are no oboes and 16 percussionists.  We can tinker and finagle other areas – perhaps more clarinet and horn, but I think the most pressing issue is reducing percussion and allowing those directors to make alternate choices (first dibs to fill in some other areas).


My intent is not to disclude kids – we do have about twice as many percussionists to give them a great experience.  16 percussion is going to mean most kids get oboe/mallet-type parts for the whole day and doubling snare, etc.


If we do wish to add oboes – I’d need those that feel they have an honors-quality player and their accolades to email me ASAP.  I have a senior who could fit the bill, but doesn’t have any sort of superior honors other than Div I’s at State S&E.  Good kid, good player.


If we wish to cut percussionists, I think we need to cut off after 2nd choices.  We had 6 first-choice and 2 second-choice players.  Again, if that is the decision, those directors with 3rd, 4th or 5th choice players would get another choice – preferably in the areas of need.  This is simply my recommendation at this point.


Please give me your input!  I’d really appreciate it as I don’t want to step on toes or cause hard feelings.


Brian Balch

Hi teachers,

After some discussion, we have decided that in order to balance instrumentation we need a few more trumpets for MS honor band.  There’s a first time for everything…

We’d like to take trumpets that either played in an ensemble that received a 1 OR 8th graders who may have received a 1 on a Spring S/E solo OR performed a Nov. 11 solo that you think deserved a 1 but got a 2.  I will leave this to your professional discretion as to their ability.  We need 6 more on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please email me name, school and reason to use them by Tuesday, end of school.

Send to or text me at 231-288-4313

Thank you